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  As to the beginning of badminton, there are a lot of stories. One saying that it started inJapan, the other says that it started from India. But one thing is for sure, which is that badminton was started in the U.K., in about 1800, which was developed from tennis. You may discover that there are a lot of similarities between the two. In the year of 1870, a sort of ball made of feather and wood as well as a bat woven with strings were invented. Ever since 1873, the sport of badminton become more and more prosperous, when the field was a gourd like, with two wider spaces at both ends and a narrow stretch of land in the middle where a net was set up. This gourd-like field was changed to a square shape in 1901.

  In 1893, the first badminton committee was established, which was then the British Badminton Association, holding a championship competition in 1899 nation wide.
  In 1934, an international badminton association was founded with its headquarter in London. The members are Canada, Denmark, Britain, France, Ireland, Holland, New Zealand, Scotland and Wales. Ever from then on, there have been more and more badminton competitions.

  1. mixed-double 混合双打
  2. men's singles 男单
  3. men'sdoubles 男双
  4. women's singles 女单
  5. women'sdoubles 女双
  6. order of service 发球次序
  7. service court 发球区
  8. first server 一发球员
  9. right court 右场
  10. right to serve 发球权
  11. serve 发球
  12. return of service 接发球
  13. serving side 发球方
  14. long high serve 发高远球
  15. double hit 连击
  16. smash 扣球
  17. rushing 扑
  18. drive 平抽
  19. return 回球
  20. consecutive kill 连续扣杀
  21. defence and fight back 防守反击
  22. Switch position 轮换位置
  23. grudge match 旗鼓相当的比赛


Contemporary badminton first appeared in the mid-19th century, it evolved from the game battledore and shuttlecock, which can be traced back to ancient Greece, China, Japan and India. Especially popular in Asia and Europe today, badminton became a full competition sport at the Olympic Games in 1992.

现代羽毛球运动在19世纪中叶首次出现,它是由一种名为“毽子板球”(battledore and shuttlecock)的运动发展演化而来的。“毽子板球”的起源可以追溯到古希腊、中国、日本和印度。今天,羽毛球运动在亚洲和欧洲尤为流行,它已经在1992年的奥运会中成为正式比赛项目。

Badminton is a racket sport played by either two opposing players (singles) or two opposing pairs (doubles). The players or pairs take positions on opposite halves of a rectangular court that is divided by a net.


As early as two thousand years ago, a similar badminton game in Chinese, in countries such as India. China calls the shuttlecock, India called Pune, Western Europe and other countries is called shuttlecock cricket. In 1870s, British soldiers in India learned Pune game back into the country, as at leisure entertainment activities in the.14-15 Century. In Japan, when the racket of wood, the ball is the cherry on nuclear feathers. According to legend, at the end of fourteenth Century, the Japanese Cherry nuclear plug in beautiful feather when the ball, two people boarded and playing sports. This is the badminton.
Badminton was born in England in.1873, a man called Bauft the Duke of the garden party in his territory in British Glasgow County town of Bloomington, there are several retired officers from India back to introduce a game net and hit back and forth shuttlecock, it generated a lot of interest. Because this activity extremely interesting, soon in the upper social field spread. "Bloomington" (Badminton) is a English badminton name.1893, 14 British Badminton Club Badminton Association.
In eighteenth Century, India Pu the city, similar to badminton game today, wool woven into a ball, put on the feather, people with wood shoot, net to strike back the ball in the air. This game is popular not long disappeared.
Badminton was introduced into China in 1920, after the liberation of the rapid development of the.20 century in 70s, China's badminton team has been among the ranks of the world's top teams.
In 70s, the international badminton football is Indonesia and China's.80 shares, the advantage has turned to China, that China badminton sport has reached the advanced level in the world.
In 1992, the badminton at the Barcelona Olympics was listed as a formal event, male, women's singles and doubles and mixed play 5 games.
The change of each session of the badminton competition time and place are constantly: like the Thomas cup and the Uber Cup, the world badminton championships.
18世纪时,印度的蒲那城,出现类似今日羽毛球活动的游戏,以绒线编织成球形,上插羽毛,人手持木拍 ,隔网将球在空中来回对击。这种游戏流行的时间不长便消失了。



羽毛球,也可用bird birdie

Badminton racket

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